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Each of our patients wants one thing. To smile freely and feel healthy. This is our philosophy too. Modern dentistry is holistic, multi-thematic, focusing on the patient, their health, occlusion, with a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Implants, teeth restorations ,surgical procedures, periodontal therapy , endodontic treatments, fillings, comprise the means for an individually designed course of therapy. At the conclusion of our treatment, success lies ahead giving the patient their dreamed of smile, health and duration with modern scientific protocol.

Treatment protocol Philosophy

Stages – Planning stage, Smile Design and Holistic approach

The first visit is the most important and it is not just a simple dentist appointment. After a detailed discussion with a dental plan designer, the aim is to understand the personal wishes of the patient. This is immediately followed by the diagnostic stage comprising analysis, clinical and radiographic examination, functional occlusion analysis and digital impressions. Specific photographs and videos of the initial condition form a digital oral clone, which is essential for a holistic architectural design. A digital design and a diagnostic wax up of the mouth follow, in order to have an idea of the final reconstruction before treatment, through a realistic photo-video presentation. As soon as the desired results are verified, a detailed description of the planned treatment and of all the essential stages required for its completion is made. Function, biology, esthetics and anatomical limitations on the precept of the minimal invasion and most suitable scientific protocol selection result in enduring oral health. Costs, time, risk and alternative treatment are explained at this point.

Smile design

Health, Biology, Function – Therapeutic Stage

Although the treatment begins with digital design and aesthetics in relation to the person, it is first performed from a biological and functional point of view. This stage involves the assignment of biological problems such as: caries, inflammation due to endodontic problems (retreatments or non vital teeth) and periodontal problems (gingivitis, periodontitis, soft tissue correction). Following is the functional analysis of the occlusion, defining a central relationship and a vertical dimension that completes the diagnostic stage. Corrective surgical stages with respect to soft tissue defects or hard tissue-bone grafts prior to implant placement are also assigned to this stage.

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Restorative Stage

At this stage, after biological interventions and final digital design data collection to ensure correct occlusal function, we proceed to restorative oral rehabilitation. Build ups are made at a certain vertical dimension, guided implants and temporary restorations that replicate the final treatment outcome are placed, especially when it comes to whole-mouth changes. The patient retains temporary restorations for as long as necessary, as a transitional stage before final prosthetics. In this way, after soft and hard tissue maturation best aesthetic outcome is achieved. The entire treatment plan is additionally guided by the original digital design, in relation to the face. Final diagnostic impressions of the temporary state and occlusal design is performed again before permanent prosthesis delivery. At this stage the patient feels healthy and functionally stable.

Permanent Prosthesis and Final Aesthetic Stage

The final part of the treatment is the manufacture of healthy, long-lasting permanent prosthesis. For patients who do not need to alter aesthetics, permanent prosthetic solutions are manufactured while retaining all data of previously defined stages. Otherwise, when we modify the aesthetic zone, we place permanent restorations for an aesthetically pleasing smile (Digital Smile Design, veneers, all-ceramic, etc.). Detail, aesthetics, characterization are our main concern now that everything is in place.

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