About us

TCo Dental was founded in 2011 and is a family-run dental clinic in the city of Kozani. Its vision is to become a dental science center on the broader borders of Western Macedonia with a focus on holistic dentistry.

Its team combines a full range of specialized services aimed at today’s dental development, new technologies and scientific evidence.

Dentistry as a whole, the patient, holistic treatment of the mouth, innovation in the fields of implantology, aesthetics, 3D imaging, and digital design have been key areas since its inception. Quality and science are a vision for the overall treatment of the patient under the same roof.

What do we do

We are a specialized dental team with ongoing training and delivery around aesthetics and function in natural teeth and implants whose primary aim and vision is a holistic approach to the patient.

Our commitment is the overall design under the same roof for a full range of dental services, focusing on the patient with the dentist as an architectural designer of dental health rehabilitation.

Our goal is to advance dental care with scientific evidence, top quality materials and services for the benefit of our patients’ health.

We always evaluate the elements behind the treatment so that our services are scientifically based and at the same time fast and effective.

  • High quality dental care covering a full range of specialty and general dentistry.

  • Proven scientific treatments that improve the prognosis of the treatment plan.

  • Specialized treatment, depending on your needs.

How do we do it?

Dental therapy is a necessity for every patient today and must be in harmony with his or her individual aesthetic requirements in accordance with biological, functional and proven scientific protocols. With a vision of a holistic approach to the mouth we work on health, aesthetics and longevity.

During the first visit and before each treatment, we examine the patient in detail, clinically and radiographically, to have a complete picture of the problem. We digitally stamp the mouth and simulate treatment before manufacture. This is how we present solutions and therapeutic protocols with scientific documentation always guided by digital design focusing on longevity, balance and minimal intervention.

Why We Do It -Our Mission

Smile For Life

Smiling is the key to human expression, an expression of joy reflected on our faces. The true expression of beauty that begins within us. When a person smiles he is free, he freely expresses himself and it is our pleasure as a team to help him.

Our Clinic

TCo Dental is technologically and scientifically designed to provide a full range of quality and documented treatment options. Our facilities consist of four dental treatment rooms, a CBCT diagnostic imaging room, a fully equipped dental surgery room, a video-photography studio, a disinfection room and a digital lab for speed and immediacy. Our future goal is to create a training center for continuous information, training and development.

Within the search of dentistry, science and technology we are exploring the newest innovative methods and the worldwide digital age to become accessible and easy to apply globally and holistically.

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