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A smile is a personal expression. An expression of happiness drawn on ones face. A true expression of beauty begins from within. When a person smiles, it reflects freedom. It is an expression of freedom. And it is our pleasure , as a team, to help achieve that.

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Οδοντικά εμφυτεύματα

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small usually cylindrical titanium screws, placed in the jawbone and act as natural tooth roots supporting a crown, a bridge or a total denture. If you are missing some or all of your teeth, dental implants are the solution you are looking for, offering unsurpassed functional and aesthetic results compared to conventional dentistry. Smile again with confidence!

Dental implants – functional and aesthetic results
Same day teeth – teeth in a day
Implant guide
Cone Beam CT – 3D imaging, better diagnosis
Guided surgery – safe, fast, accurate and painless dentistry

Smile design

Smile design

Holistic, digital and passionate dentistry

Perfection in function and aesthetics does not come about by accident but is the result of proper diagnosis, communication, design, scientific treatment protocols, execution and maintenance of the result. The philosophy of digital design is based on the analysis of the face and not just the mouth.

Smile design – Holistic, digital and passionate dentistry
Veneers – minimally invasive, natural therapeutic option
Pink esthetics -harmony between teeth and gums
Facial esthetics – natural aesthetic results
Bleaching – the best way to brighten your smile

About us

At TCo Dental, our dental team provides the highest standard of dental care with treatments that exceed the expectations of the patient always with the most proven scientific protocols.

About us
The team

Αντώνης Τουράνης



He mainly deals with complex repair cases in implants and natural teeth.

Advanced training: Restorative and general therapeutic dentistry, abrasions, occlusion, removable devices, endodontics.


Λάζαρος Τουράνης



He mainly deals with complex prosthetic cases of total recovery, cosmetic cases, implants, occlusion, oral surgery, periodontics.

Advanced training: Digital Dentistry, implants, CBCT computed tomography, bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, advanced prosthetics, PRGF blood growth factors, stress free dentistry, facial aesthetics.

Νικολέτα Τουράνη



She mainly deals with aesthetic cases, warn cases, occlusion, all-ceramic restorations – veneers, Smile make over, Fast Braces – Aligners and pediatric dentistry

Advanced training: Prosthodontics, Digital Smile Design, restorative and aesthetic dentistry, Veneers, bonding, Fast Braces and Aligners

Patient guide

Your personal wellbeing is always at the heart of our service. After taking the time to discuss all the treatment options with scientific evidence to add weight to our personal recommendations, the choices are yours after proper guidance. Using cutting-edge technology in a comfortable and well-equipped environment, we embrace the future of dentistry in a time when dentistry is evolving like never before.

Dental expertdental health is a necessity
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