Smile Design

Holistic, digital and passionate dentistry
Perfection in function and aesthetics does not come about by accident but is the result of proper diagnosis, communication, design, scientific treatment protocols, execution and maintenance of the result. The philosophy of digital design is based on the analysis of the face and not just the mouth. It studies analogies through video photography so that the dentist-lab can better understand the overall relationships between teeth, gums, soft tissues, and more generally the face and the smile in motion and emotion. The smile reflects the individual’s personality, has an artistic perspective, the perception of which is created by the dentist in the role of therapist and architect. So, we give even the most demanding patient a beautiful, natural and healthy smile.


How it is done

All treatments start with design. The mouth is digitally captured and special photos-videos give an initial overall picture of the smile with respect to the face. The digital design with the right technology turns into a real therapy plan that integrates biology, function and longevity. So the patient has a realistic view of the treatment plan and sees the end result in a way he understands. Digital face-based design offers a personalized harmonious and aesthetically better smile. Once we have the ideal tooth position we can choose the ideal shapes, colors, materials and the ideal type of restoration.


Intraoral – extraoral scanning / face scanning

It is a state of the art technology, enabling the dentist to create a digital oral record through an intraoral/extraoral scanner. Digital technology is highly accurate and fast, allowing digital design with Exocad software mostly without the use of classic cast models, while increasing precision and reducing laboratory time.



The digital design is 3D printed, placed in the patient’s mouth prior to treatment (motivational mock up) and after a video presentation we have an overall picture of the final result.

design software

Manufacturing (CAM)

High quality materials are used, having added durability, perfect application in the mouth, higher passivity and high aesthetics, because these materials are no longer molded as they were, but are cut from a single block of material using digital technology.
Specialized technical centers ensure high precision manufacturing (CAM) over conventional methods of manufacturing dental work.

Two types of CAD / CAM systems are available:
In House Digital LAB. The restoration is designed and immediately manufactured using specialist equipment. The patient stays in the waiting room. Many times this workflow is fully digital and there is no need for an intraoral pvs impression, or traditional cast models to be used.
External Laboratory CAD / CAM systems produce restorations in the laboratory which takes longer than the chair-side method. The result, of course, offers more options for finishing touch and specialized materials when needed.

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