CAD/CAM prosthetic(Computer Aided Designed/Computer Aided Manufactured)

Dentistry today, going through its most digital age, uses high technology that allows digital impression of prepared teeth, but also design and manufacture of crowns by special milling machines (CAM – Computer Aided Manufactured) and advanced design programs (CAD – Computer Aided Designed), resulting in better aesthetics, a stronger and impeccable fit and especially greater durability.

Manufacturing (CAM)
High quality materials are used, having added durability, perfect application in the mouth, higher passivity and high aesthetics, because these materials are no longer casted as they were, but are cut from a single block of material using digital technology.

Two types of CAD / CAM systems are available:
In House Digital LAB. The restoration is designed and immediately manufactured using specialist equipment while the patient stays in the waiting room. This workflow is most of the times fully digital and there is no need for an intraoral pvs impression, or traditional cast models to be used.
External Laboratory CAD / CAM systems produce restorations in the laboratory which takes longer than the chair-side method. The result, of course, offers more options for finishing touch and specialized materials when needed.

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