Dental Crowns and bridges

A dental crown is a type of cover that fits neatly on a damaged tooth to protect the rest of the tooth structure while being a strong wall of protection between the tooth and the oral environment. They are used when a significant tooth has been damaged due to caries, in case of destruction of an old large filling or when the teeth wear out significantly and are now vulnerable.

The evolution

Historically, dental crowns were made of gold. Gold is a very strong material and at the same time flexible, bringing excellent properties, but its aesthetic performance at a disadvantage. In front teeth, porcelain fused to metal crowns were later made, since porcelain is now fused to metal surfaces, allowing color shades closer to the natural tooth. Of course, the metal in the past was obvious and difficult to completely cover with porcelain.
These dental crowns are still commonly used today on back teeth but as dental technology evolves the aesthetic results are clearly better. It is possible today to create very strong all ceramic crowns in natural tooth colors without any metal support. They look fantastic when placed in the mouth and their features are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

In the aesthetic zone, it is the best that dentistry offers today!


All-ceramic dental crowns

They are a top aesthetic dental solution. Using highly durable ceramics today it is possible to make all-ceramic dental crowns extremely similar to natural teeth and without a metal frame.

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cad cam

CAD/CAM prosthetic (Computer Aided Designed/Computer Aided Manufactured)

Dentistry today, going through its most digital age, uses high technology that allows digital impression of prepared teeth, but also design and manufacture of crowns by special milling machines (CAM – Computer Aided Manufactured) and advanced design programs (CAD – Computer Aided Designed), resulting in better aesthetics, a stronger and impeccable fit and especially greater durability.

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Metal Porcelain Crowns

These cases are the most widely used today and are a combination of a strong metal as a core surrounded by an outer layer of porcelain. It offers durability and is aesthetically satisfactory.

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Gold Crowns

Historically they have been used mainly in molars that are difficult to see because these crowns are not colored like a natural tooth. Gold alloys are very strong and durable over time.

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Frequent questions

If a crown wobbles, does it need to be replaced?
A crown can be wobble for more than one reason. The first step is for your dentist to examine you to determine why the crown is moving.

Can I improve the appearance of my front teeth and especially black margins?
As a general rule, each case is unique and it would be good to arrange a consultation session with a dentist experienced in aesthetic dentistry. A meticulous selection process ensures that the result exceeds your expectations. High quality digital photos – digital impressions combined with digital shade matching and an in house lab, precision, quality control and microscopic dentistry are some factors that help to ensure excellent results.

If you have had to tolerate an unsatisfactory appearance now you have a choice!
Black margins around the crowns are due to age. Thus, the edges of the case are exposed showing gray metal with a characteristic black appearance. Alternatively root discoloration, imperfect boundaries in preparation or caries may be the reason.

When it is appropriate
The main indications are adults with intense anxiety or fear of a dental surgery. It is also sometimes considered necessary in children who do not cooperate with special needs or when it is desired to enhance the depth of local anesthesia and in people with a strong reflex of vomiting. It ensures calm and comfort during the dental procedure and usually concerns cases of long-term full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants, grafting, oral surgery, etc.

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