Orthodontics – Fast Braces

Have you ever thought that in a few days you could have straight teeth?
Straight teeth quickly and without extractions!
The new technology allows the movement of teeth from the very first date. Unlike traditional braces, which usually require a period of at least two years, the new technology, due to the different mechanical principle it supports, allowing tooth tip and torque simultaneously from the very first visit.

The fundamental differences regarding the “special” bracket and the square wire in relation to the classic orthodontics allow the completion of the treatment from 3 months to 1 year in 80% of cases.
Less sensitivity, faster treatment and frequent appointments allow the treatment to be completed easily, painlessly and without the risk of tooth decay.

New technology makes braces available at any age, improving patients’ quality of life. With a few visits, patients correct functional and aesthetic problems.
Straight teeth without crowding do not have gingivitis. Dental movements allow the patient to better follow the rules of oral hygiene and not need such frequent re-examinations. Braces promote oral hygiene and change patients’ quality of life.

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