Oral Surgery

It is a branch of dentistry that focuses on surgical procedures of the oral cavity. In many cases, the dentist decides whether a procedure in the mouth requires a surgical approach such as extracting an impacted 3rd molar, removing a cyst, or increasing residual bone with bone grafts before implants.



Removal of impacted teeth

It is one of the most common oral surgery procedures. Due to the position of the 3rd molars, their emergence in the mouth is often incomplete and they remain impacted next to the second molar or deep inside the jaw bone.

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Apicectomy – Cyst Removal

During this procedure, the root of a tooth and especially the apical third is exposed and surgically removed. Treatment is indicated when the endodontic treatment of the relevant tooth is not successful.

Cyst removal

Cysts are usually clearly described cavities. One of the reasons for growth is chronic inflammation around the root of a non vital tooth. These cysts are called radicular and during the removal it is necessary to extensively clean the area so that any recurrence in the future can be avoided.

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Bone grafts

When a tooth is lost, bone resorption follows. Periodontitis and trauma can cause absorption..

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Pink Aesthetics 

This is a surgical procedure commonly used in the cosmetic zone, before all-ceramic restorations, to achieve harmony between teeth and gums in a new, natural and aesthetic smile. It usually affects the anterior upper 6 teeth, and it is done in a single visit with immediate results. The goal is to correct gums severely discolored or uneven between the teeth, so that the new smile displays the right proportions.

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PRGF Platelet Rich Growth Factors

The use of autologous transplant materials to accelerate the body’s ability to heal in the past was unclear. Today it is standard care.

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Stress Free Dentistry

If you are afraid of dental surgery, you are not alone. it’s normal and the answer is simple.

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Frequently asked questions

lower wisdom tooth inflammation, what should I do?

N.I.C.E. define in detail case studies in relevant cases. The first step is always the clinical evaluation of the wisdom tooth by the dentist. It is very likely that their extraction will be the solution.

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