Dental Tourism

Why choose Greece?

If you have never visited Greece, this is an opportunity to combine vacation and dental care. Whether it is a simple prosthetic treatment plan or a more complex treatment with dental implants and with the help of digital technology you can now have the smile you dream of easily and quickly.

Our team combines a full range of specialized services aimed at using present day dental development, new technologies and scientific evidence with continuous training and provision concerning aesthetics and function regarding natural teeth and implants. Long-term experience and knowledge in the field of dental implants allows us to accurately, quickly and effectively apply immediate implant treatment and loading protocols in one day – Same Day Teeth.

Even more with our state-of-the-art digital laboratory in house we can create with quality and precision permanent restorations within a few days during your stay, focusing on health, aesthetics, longevity and minimal invasion. Not only the large number of successfully treated patients but also our experience, knowledge, regular monitoring and passion for holistic dentistry are guarantees of a long-term aesthetic and functional treatment plan.

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Οδοντιατρικός τουρισμός

Dentistry as a whole, the patient, the holistic treatment of the mouth, the innovation in the field of implantology, aesthetics, 3D imaging and digital design are the central focus from the first day of inception. Quality and science are combined for the overall treatment of the patient under the same roof with a focus on the patient and the dentist as an architectural designer for the restoration of dental health.

Our promise to you is to develop dental care with scientific evidence, top quality materials, technology and services for the benefit of human health.
We always evaluate the data behind the treatment so that our services have a scientific basis and at the same time are fast and efficient.
• High quality dental care covering a full range of special and general dentistry.
• Scientifically proven treatments that improve the prognosis of the treatment plan.
• Specialized treatment, depending on your needs.

In a search for dentistry, science and technology, we explore the new, the next best, digital age worldwide with the goal of affordable and easy application overall and holistically.

Implants, prosthetic restorations, surgical procedures, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, fillings, are simply the means for a personalized and architecturally designed treatment plan. At the end of the road is success, a dreamy smile, health and longevity with modern scientific protocols.

Traveling in Greece is a unique experience. The beauty of the landscapes and its culture make your trip unforgettable. It is a place that combines mountains and sea, beautiful islands and castles.

Major Airport Stations:

Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia (SKG)
Athens International Airport Venizelos (ATH)

Our clinic is easily accessible as there are several flights on a daily basis from many central airports abroad

Indicative access stations by Bus transport:

Bus station Thessaloniki 1hour 15’
Bus station Athens 5 hours

Why Kozani?

Kozani, the capital of Western Macedonia about 1 hour distant from Thessaloniki is a unique destination surrounded by numerous places to discover and spend quality time.
Its snow-capped mountains in winter with organized ski resorts and not too low temperatures allow ski and winter sport lovers to make daily getaways.

Ski Resorts close to TCo Dental

Voras – Kaimaktsalan
distance from Kozani 1.29’
distance from Thessaloniki 2.14’
distance from Kozani 1.28΄
distance from Thessaloniki 2.32’
distance from Kozani 1.29΄
distance from Thessaloniki 1.43’
3-5 Pigadia
distance from Kozani 1.51’
distance from Thessaloniki 1.55΄
distance from Kozani 1.19’
distance from Thessaloniki 1.24’
distance from Kozani 1.29’
distance from Thessaloniki 2.37’

Why not a visit to the neighboring lakes.

Kastoria with its music festival
(from Kozani 50 ‘, from Thessaloniki 58’),
the artificial lake Polyphytou
(from Kozani 30 ‘, from Thessaloniki 1.47’),
Agios Panteleimonas
(from Kozani 30 ‘, from Thessaloniki 32’),
(from Kozani 2.35 ‘, from Thessaloniki 3.39’),
(from Kozani 49΄, from Thessaloniki 1.55 ‘)

are some suggestions for a relaxing day by the lake with available sports and excellent food.

Visits to well-known wineries with the possibility of guided tours for wine lovers will not disappoint your palates.

The most well known is in
Siatista with its famous sweet sundried grape wine
(from Kozani 26 ‘, from Thessaloniki 1.37,),
(from Kozani 36΄, from Thessaloniki 1.50΄),
(from Kozani 29′, from Thessaloniki 1.43 ‘),
(from Kozani 42′, from Thessaloniki 1.49 ‘).

Well-known wineries in the surrounding area such as the Alpha estate, Vogiatzis, Kamkouti, Diamanti, Zande, Two Friends can be visited daily.

Very close to Kozani is the village of Nymfaio, a traditional settlement protected by UNESCO (from Kozani 58΄, from Thessaloniki 2h). The beech forest and the cobbled paths with the stone houses make this a place of unique beauty. Arcturus is active in the area with an environmental information center for the brown bear and the wolf open to the public. Also, the area has an equestrian club, a women’s cooperative with traditional products, hostels, restaurants, the headquarters of Pavlos Melas and the village school that operates as a conference venue.

Finally, the artificial lake of Polyphytos, its archeological site, the Byzantine monuments, the museum of Aiani, the Byzantine monuments of Velvento, the Byzantine castle in Serbia, the archeological and folklore museum of Kozani, the Petrogiros Vythou and the villages of Krokos with its homonymous product are some more interesting destinations near Kozani. In Thessaloniki you can visit the White Tower and the Castles etc.

Before your trip

The TCo Dental team is at your disposal to help you find the easiest way to get around and stay. It guarantees high quality dental coverage and comfort throughout the treatment.

For outpatients

A detailed treatment plan is offered with the required diagnostic procedures, suggested and alternative treatment, schedule, treatment costs, length of stay before the first visit. Ask us!

For patients from surrounding areas and Thessaloniki

Contact – Telephone appointment


First visit – Clinical and radiographic examination, diagnostic stages (digital initial rimpressions, photographs, initial design, assignment of temporary restorations and presentation of treatment plan.

You will need a complete history, a panoramic or CBCT x-ray of your teeth in case of implant placement in house, photographs and a digital impressions. The estimated cost, treatment time and number of visits will be discussed in detail at this stage.
Following is the confirmation of the treatment plan and the planning of the next visits.
At the end of the treatment, there is a regular re-examination program to maintain the result and the longevity of the recovery.

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