PDO Polidioxanon threads

Τhreads have been widely used in the last decade and are a minimally invasive aesthetic technique for lifting loose skin and tissues while activating collagen release. They are implanted subcutaneously, creating a supportive network of tissues that lifts the skin and causes an immediate lifting effect. After a short procedure the face looks as expected, more elastic and more radiant. 6 months later, the enzymatic breakdown begins biologically and the threads are absorbed by the body, leaving new collagen in this position. Threads are made from Polidioxanon, a safe material used in cardiovascular surgery and allows the adherence of the cells. It is sterile absorbent and does not cause allergic effects to the skin. The threads cause fibrosis in the peripheral tissue, increase the production of collagen I and II and activate the production of new vessels, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The results are immediate after treatment and improve in 6-8 months. Depending on the type of thread used, the treatment lasts up to 18 months.

Collagen is responsible for the tension and stability of the skin.
Elastin for stability and elasticity.
HA hyaluronic acid moisturizes, reduces skin wrinkles, increases volume

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