Facial Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetic facial toning the most difficult decision is always to take the first step. That is why we are committed to making informed decisions now.

The choice is yours!



Facial Lines and Wrinkles

When used carefully, it can minimize the appearance of wrinkles, especially on the forehead and between the eyelids. It is also used in case of heavy sweating and in special neuromuscular disorders.

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Facial Fillers HA

What are face fillers?

They can fill and smooth areas by eliminating wrinkles mainly in the nose area as well as grooves around the mouth.
They reduce lines of expression on the forehead, frowning grooves, lipstick lines, acne scars and stretch marks in dry areas.



PRGF as a Filler

Nowadays there is a growing focus on the quality of life and personal image, which behind the scenes has leads research into possible uses of autologous (blood from the patient himself) P.R.G.F. (Platelet Rich Growth Factors) in the field of facial aesthetics.

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PDO Polidioxanon threads

Threads have been widely used in the last decade and are a minimally invasive aesthetic technique for lifting loose skin and tissues while activating collagen release.

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