Healthy Gums

Υγιή Ούλα

Gum care is just as important as dental care. Normally the gums form a tight ring around the teeth so that the bacteria does not enter internally.

Healthy gums are firm, do not bleed with brushing or flossing and normally show a light coral pink hue which can vary depending on nationality.

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums and is caused by bacteria that live right on the gum line. The gums then appear red, swollen and bleed intensely when brushing. Gingivitis is stopped by the patient removing the plaque and the calculus removed by the dentist. Proper daily brushing, flossing and mouthwash are able to stop the disease.

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontal tissues that support the teeth. Usually gingivitis when left untreated causes periodontitis and the inflammation affects the surrounding tissues and bones. So the disease progresses, the teeth begin to be mobile and fall out. Gingivitis is a typical symptom, which requires increased care and professional treatment.

While plaque deposits cause periodontitis, multiple risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, hereditary predisposition increase the chances of developing severe periodontal disease.

To keep your gums healthy, it is critical to brush and floss regularly, especially in the area where the teeth meet the gums. Frequent visits to the dentist for cleaning can detect the disease at an early stage and give positive results with the relative treatment.

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