About 50% of people snore which can disturb their sleep or that of their partners. Do not remain idle and complacent. What is snoring?
It results from a partial airway obstruction during sleep. When we sleep the muscles in the neck relax and in certain conditions the soft tissues in the upper part of the neck vibrate causing snoring.

Why does this happen? Certain factors increase the risk of snoring.

  • Physiology: due to the anatomy of the area.
  • Weight: in overweight due to increased fat around the neck.
  • Age: over time the muscles in the neck weaken.
  • Lifestyle: after alcohol or the use of sleeping pills because muscle relaxation is caused

What is obstructive sleeping apnea? (OSA)

In some cases, snoring stops along with breathing, just to start snoring and breathing again. The procedure only takes a few seconds and it is usually associated with a small blockage, exhalation or screaming as a sign of obstructive sleeping apnea. Each time the breath is stopped, “apnea”, the brain leads the body to a partial awakening by secreting adrenaline. Most patients are unaware or reminiscent of the “breathing race” during sleep. Obstructive apnea leads its victims to exhaustion, lack of attention, need for sleep and it is associated with other health problems. Highly trained people may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, while middle-aged men (30-65) have an increased risk of developing it. How is my lifestyle affected? Snoring has a direct effect on health and the quality of life of the sufferer, his partner and his family.

Lack of sleep can generally cause:

  • Drowsines
  • Poor motivation
  • High stress
  • Lack of energy
  • Fatigue while driving
  • Inefficiency at work
  • Other health and lifestyle problems
  • Hypertension

When breathing is interrupted during snoring there is a lack of oxygen. The brain detects it and leads to increased adrenaline secretion causing partial awakening. As a result, the body’s pressure increases when it should not.
Increased risk of diabetes. Obstructive sleep apnea has been linked to insulin resistance, especially in overweight middle-aged men.

There is a link between obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular problems. Headaches especially when waking up in the morning. Relationship issues: People who snore usually sleep in different rooms and away from their partners. This may lead to Sexual problems due to reduced energy and intermittent sleep.
The solution; A lifelong cure to stop snoring.
It is a personalized device that has sufficient scientific study and is tolerated by about 98% of patients. It is comfortable, has an inner soft coating so as not to bother, it is simply placed in the mouth just before bedtime and keeps the lower jaw in protrusion (2-3mm). This relieves pressure on the back of the neck and reduces snoring. The dentist considers the suitability of the case, impressions are taken and the device is manufactured individually to ensure excellent application. 2 appointments are deemed necessary, the initial assignment and delivery of the device after laboratory construction.

Diagnosis and treatment

diagnosing whether the use of the device is the appropriate treatment, an initial assignment of snoring is recommended. This test is needed to diagnose whether you are simply snoring or have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). If there is a low or medium risk after the assignment then the device is an absolute cure. If you again carry a high risk of obstructive sleep apnea during the assignment, then a sleep test is considered necessary and thus an accurate diagnosis of the severity of the form of obstructive apnea from which you suffer is provided. Therefore, in case of low or medium risk, the personalized device is a suitable solution.

Frequently asked questions

Is it comfortable to use the device while sleeping?

After relevant studies, 98% of patients find the device acceptable during treatment. It is a personalized device that is manufactured in the laboratory to fit perfectly in the mouth. It incorporates unique properties, such as an inner soft coating to be comfortable and not irritate the gums while allowing lower jaw movements from end to end, enabling adjustment.

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