Children and Dental Care

It is important to get children to a dental routine from the earliest years. You should clean your child’s teeth as soon as they are 6 months old. Although new teeth will be replaced later, it is very important for the proper development of their permanent dentition to be properly cared for.

There are several items that need to be checked on new teeth. Frequent visits to the dentist for cleaning and checking are extremely important to prevent the development of caries or any other problem.

Children’s teeth have thinner enamel than permanent teeth and caries can develop rapidly, which is why testing should be more frequent. X-rays are also important to check the course of permanent teeth and their proper development.

The child should brush his teeth twice a day. You can brush children’s teeth when they are very young, but it’s a good idea to teach them how to do it on their own by age 7. You need to be involved in the process to make sure they brush properly with small circular motions on each tooth.
Even the toothpaste should contain fluoride in the right amounts otherwise white spots will form on the permanent teeth later.

Consult your dentist about toothpaste with the right fluoride content. When it comes to diet, limit the amount of sugar and acids, especially between meals or before bed. This applies to foods that contain sugar, even cereals.
Ideally, children should be knowledgeable and understand the importance of maintaining oral health. So they will continue to maintain these habits as they develop in life, taking care of the health of their teeth and mouth in general.

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