Dental Check up

Your personal good is always at the center of our benefits. Having time to discuss all the treatment options with scientific data to add weight to our personal recommendations, the options are yours after proper guidance. Using the latest technology in a comfortable and well-equipped environment, we are embracing the future of dentistry at a time when dentistry is evolving like never before.


The aim is to ensure higher standards during the first extensive oral examination. At the first appointment you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with your medical history that will allow us to understand your health condition better and after an extensive evaluation to provide dental care tailored to your needs.

Stress-free dentistry

Comfort and tranquility is a primary goal in dental practice. The special colors, the most advanced equipment, the appropriate atmosphere but also the interest and the experience allows you to breathe during the dental appointment.

Once you are familiar with the environment and our mentality, relax as the dental check up begins. We care about people and not just dentistry, and medical health is an integral part of the examination process. Certain systemic diseases such as avitaminosis, anemia show signs in the mouth and coincidentally, a change could be the first symptom of a disease you never knew.

Using digital imaging systems, the mouth is photographed intraorally and the special photographs are analyzed and processed. Detailed radiographic imaging allows us to assess areas not visible to the naked eye. Today, with the advent of digital dentistry, Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) allows three-dimensional imaging of the entire maxillofacial complex where appropriate. The dental history is then recorded in detail and after the clinical examination a personalized treatment plan is provided offering options or alternative treatments to improve oral health.

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