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With the creation of our new state-of-the-art digital laboratory in house, we aim at immediacy and speed of service for our patients with complete control over the quality and accuracy of construction of both permanent and temporary restorations as well as all intermediate stages that slow down a complex treatment.

Digital dental design and manufacturing!
We wanted it to win us over and we did it for you. The treatment is easier, more immediate and faster than ever!

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The process starts with the photo, the face scanning and the digital impression of the mouth and its functional movements based on the face.

With the use of specialized design software of Exocad and third-party applications after long experience in classical prosthetic dentistry and the help of the presence of the dental technician in the dental clinic, the digital design of a treatment plan is carried out in advance (smile design), after intraoral scanning or classical impression scanning and a photographic – video protocol.

Thus the patient can have an accurate perception of the final result before manufacturing in the mouth directly and faster than ever utilizing 3D Printing technology.

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The process is called Digital Mock Up, while 3D Printing aims to make temporary restorations before or during transitional stages or where increased healing time or adjustment of a new occlusal shape is required, accurately delivering the final result. Your temporary teeth have nothing to do with older temporary restorations and combine durability, aesthetics and absolute fit. Smile, no one will be able to tell the difference. The procedure is applied in complex prosthetic cases that require temporary ones as transitional restorations, in cases of implants that are missing all the teeth to guide the final prosthetic result before the surgery by designing a surgical guide and deliver temporary teeth on the same day – Same Day Teeth, in cases of aesthetic dentistry to explore your new smile before the construction and in relation to the facial dynamics (motivational mockup).

Also, in cases where pre-prosthetic surgery is required, such as a gummy smile, soft tissue grafts or bone grafts after advanced bone resorption and generally where prosthetic design changes significantly, digital dentistry simulates a better preoperative treatment before permanent construction.

Of course it is not just the design or the temporary teeth!


Simple and fast cases such as a bridge, a crown and an onlay do not need multiple visits but are constructed in the first and only session while the patient is waiting! After the digital impression, the data are imported in Exocad and the dental technician immediately proceeds to the construction of the permanent prosthesis, which is now metal free.

Zirconium today has changed dentistry. With the increased durability that has perfect color adaptation and permeability but also the possibility of digital manufacturing, it paves the way to a new dental digital era!

The result is more aesthetic with excellent color performance and is available for most all permanent restorations! Welcome metal free dentistry!

The construction of such simple and complex cases is carried out immediately with precision and efficiency in our digital laboratory with special milling machines for permanent materials. These materials can be zirconium, ceramic materials such as emax, but also composite resins, peek and many more.


As for the implants there, the technology surpasses us.
First, the cases are digitally designed in Exoplan software with the help of digital scanning and CBCT computed tomography in house. The implants are placed digitally (guided surgery) with special splints that are printed in the laboratory through 3D Printing.

Thus, when one or all of the teeth are missing, the patient is treated with greater accuracy, speed and predictability and always in combination with our long experience in the field of classical implantology. The surgeon avoids complex operations that are required for the placement of implants at an angle or unforeseen situations during the surgery since the design has been done first digitally and with the principles of minimal invasion and ease of healing.

It does not stop there though!

Exocad-Exoplan is a single design platform and teeth can be constructed before surgery – Same Day Teeth. So when an extraction is carried out, an implant is placed and the prosthetic tooth all in one day – Immediate Placement – Immediate Loading. This seems especially useful in cases where it is necessary to support the soft tissues in the aesthetic zone with de-epithelialized free gingival grafts and the temporary tooth immediately without creating an aesthetic problem for the patient. This way the tissues do not lose volume and the tooth looks completely natural. Central upper incisor is the first thing that someone notices on our face, on our smile. When gingival graft and simultaneous implant placement are needed for this case, visibility is dramatically reduced. We want to be minimally invasive when stabilizing the graft so digital design solves the problem. At the same time, the swelling and the surgical time are reduced since the tooth that is placed in the implant is preconstructed.


Imagine the same now when all the teeth are missing. The patient comes with his teeth and leaves the same day with a new smile according to the digital design and manufacturing.

We wanted to do it and it is here for you!

Immediacy, speed, predictability, accuracy, minimal intervention, final prosthetic result with superior quality materials in a digital age where dentistry is evolving like never before.

Our laboratory has, apart from the intraoral scanner of the dental clinic, a special extra-oral lab scanner of maximum accuracy for digitizing cases. Exocad software is used for designing teeth and implant prosthetics and Exoplan as well as additional auxiliary software for implant planning and surgical guide creation. Digital manufacturing is produced using Roland Milling machines and an Asiga 3D Printer specifically for dental use.

All this together with the help of our specialized dental technician and support staff and all the peripheral equipment of a digital laboratory we are ready to embrace dentistry like never before, with experience, speed, knowledge, all now digital and with passion for you.

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