Same Day Teeth

These are digital protocols for preoperative design, guided placement and immediate loading of implants. Non-invasive methods and often angulated implants – (all on four treatment), are used through specialized surgical techniques to reduce discomfort, time and cost of treatment as an alternative to the complex and costly procedures required for bone grafts – classic implantology.
This is a special technique that requires suitably trained personnel, technology, the presence of the dental laboratory immediately after the surgical stage and surgical experience to ensure the primary stability of the implants.
Guided Surgery, Digital Design, 3D CBCT Imaging, Special Implants, Digital Dental Laboratory in house, Immediate placement and loading implant Protocols are key factors in a combined treatment plan for utilizing Same Day Teeth Protocols

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Same Day Protocol

The patient comes to the dental office with either defective or artificial failing teeth, the required extractions are performed, implants are placed, and on the same day they are loaded with a temporary fixed prosthesis. By conventional technique, implants are placed 8 weeks after extractions and are permanently loaded 2-3 months later or longer when bone grafts are needed. This means that the patient can leave the dental surgery on the same day with a new, beautiful smile.
Success – survival rates are no different from classical techniques, and with the help of technology fast qualitative solutions are provided in a single appointment, following the initial planning protocol. The permanent teeth are inserted after the required healing time a few months later.
Moreover, when angulated implant protocols are utilized, complex bone graft procedures are avoided and the cost and time of treatment are reduced.

all on 4 11

All on Four – Immediate Loading Placement – Same Day Teeth

Four implants are positioned at an angle to the upper or lower jaw, providing an easy, fast and fixed prosthetic solution in a short dental arch while avoiding major anatomical constraints (sinus – lower alveolar nerve) and bone grafting procedures.
Consequently, in one visit to the dental clinic and within one appointment, the teeth are extracted, implants are implanted, and with the help of our digital laboratory the temporary restoration is prefabricated.
In Digital Design prosthetics can be manufactured before implants are placed in the mouth. The implants are placed through a special guide – Guided Surgery at the exact locations selected on the CBCT scan during planning and the temporary teeth are prepared before the time of surgery. All of this speeds up the process even more, by better planing any relevant risks of treatment before surgery. Custom made permanent restorations using more friendly dental materials can be produced faster and with a reduced cost.

guided surgery

Guided surgery-Guided surgery

In complex or simple implant cases, surgical splints increase safety, accuracy and reduce invasiveness. They are constructed utilizing 3D printing, a planning software, digital impressions of the mouth and a CBCT scan of the patient. For the right prosthetic and aesthetic design, the end result of the treatment is a reference point in the surgery especially when the teeth are missing and there are no guide points. Digital design and Computed tomography are combined to ideally place implants non-invasively and for the benefit of the patient.
Safe, fast, accurate and painless dentistry
Guided placement reduces surgical risk and complications. The implants are positioned through the splint in the exact designed position making the surgery simple, atraumatic and most of the times without incisions. So healing is faster, while temporary prosthetic solutions can be prefabricated directly and placed on the same day as the surgical stage (Same Day Teeth).

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