PRGF Platelet Rich Growth Factors

The use of autologous growth factrors to accelerate the body’s ability to heal in the past was unclear. Today it is standard care.

Examples of autologous bone or soft tissue grafts often refer to dental use, facilitating surgical procedures.

PRGF is the first clinical application of tissue science and is an autologous source of concentrated platelet growth factors. It releases at least 7 different growth factors (cytokines) during healing by activating bone and soft tissue regeneration when their concentrations exceed 1,000,000 / ml.

A small amount of blood is taken from the patient himself shortly before the implants are placed together with an anticoagulant, centrifuged in a special device and with the help of an activator is injected into the wound causing better and faster healing.


Accelerated healing

Recent research has noted the special properties of blood cells. Platelets, plasma and white cells have an obvious reaction to accelerated tissue regeneration. Bioactive proteins (signal proteins) transported with platelets are currently used successfully for the treatment of injuries in orthopedic procedures, neurology, E.N.T surgery, in cardiovascular, vascular, general, plastic and pediatric procedures but also in oral surgery.

In particular, plasma growth factors can be used in a variety of oral surgeries when hard or soft tissues heal and safely because the plasma is autologous, that is, it results from the patient’s own blood.

Plasma proteins accumulate within a few minutes with a specially automated centrifuge and then condense into extremely high concentrations. The procedure is as follows: a small amount of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged for about 8 minutes to separate growth factors of platelets and red blood cells. The increased concentration of growth factors activates the rapid growth of new bone or soft tissue at a cellular level without the risk of an allergic reaction or rejection because the blood is autologous. This ensures the first bone growth around the implant in just 2 weeks from placement and the body’s ability to heal improves with greater success rates.

Where PRGF is injected into the wound, healing is very fast without much swelling and complications.

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