Composite veneers – Cosmetic Bonding

Composite Veneers are made from the same type of material used for simple dental fillings. They are usually made directly by the dentist and in a single visit. Moreover, the resin is placed on the tooth usually with minimal or no preparation if possible and then polished to give the veneer a natural shine.

Occasionally and in major cases where the smile is reconstructed and redesigned, a similar preparation is followed with porcelain veneers but less time is required. The laboratory creates veneers from special resins which are tested in the mouth and if they correspond to your aesthetic requirements, they are permanently cemented, otherwise they are modified.

Composite veneers are made of different materials compared to porcelain veneers and despite their advantages (minimal to no preparation, fast restoration) they wear out in the long run and a replacement is expected after 5-6 years. Many cases of course are maintained for 14-15 years! It is therefore a semi-permanent solution minimal invasive compared to porcelain veneers and at a lower cost.

Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding is a modern technique that utilizes the use of composite resins in natural tooth colors and involves the redesign of the whole smile. Resins are permanently bonded to the teeth usually without preparation utilizing state-of-the-art adhesive systems.

Your dentist will discuss with you if bonding is the right treatment for you. In most cases it is a process with minimum or no preparation compared to other veneer manufacturing processes. Bonding today is an aesthetically ideal choice for a variety of patients.


Bonding is involved in a wide range of cases. When a tooth wears out incisally or cervically, when there are gaps between the teeth or when some teeth have an unusual shape and we want to change the shape or color, the result can be impressive!

Today bonding is an art and a science and we are able to discuss your suitability and personal requirements as part of a personalized treatment plan.

Is bonding right for me?

As in any other treatment, the discussion and advice of the dentist is necessary. Composite Veneers – Cosmetic Bonding is an excellent solution. The results can remain unchanged in the long run when the teeth are kept healthy. Periodontal problems however or caries are always treated before any cosmetic procedure.

Using bonding to eliminate gaps between teeth

If bonding is the most appropriate solution your expectations will be discussed at length. Sometimes it may be better to narrow a gap if closing a space does not work perfectly aesthetically.

If bonding as a solution is not satisfactory, classical orthodontics provides a solution. The teeth are moved to appropriate positions and the gap disappears. Special transparent trays – aligners are used instead of wires / brackets providing an alternative treatment almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. If again speed is your main concern ask us about the Fast Braces system!

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