Veneers today are a symbol of 21st century aesthetics. Ιn every situation, the smile is characterized as a symbol of strong and dazzling personality.

At TCo Dental we want to make veneers available and accessible to everyone by delivering unparalleled results beyond any expectation!

Different veneers for different purposes.

All veneers have the following common elements

  • They use some color material to cover the prominent side of the tooth. It is usually a material of minimal thickness that could be compared to an artificial nail but terribly stronger and constructively more difficult to place on the surface of the tooth while providing durability and at the same time aesthetics
  • They rely on special cementing technology so as to remain strong, durable and also to convey the analogous aesthetics
  • Excellent color performance compared to neighboring teeth and perfect construction helps the restorations to deliver a superior true long-term effect

Ask us about veneers as part of a personalized treatment plan. All options are examined according to any high demands and every incident is treated as a new challenge!

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Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers have been closely associated with cosmetic dentistry for years. These faces can change the color, shape, position or size of the teeth. In addition, gaps and intermittent spaces disappear or decrease.

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Resin Veneers – Cosmetic Bonding

Resin Veneers are made from the same type of material used for dental fillings. Of course, these are more aesthetic resins that are usually manufactured directly by the dentist in a single visit.

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Minimum Prep Veneers

One of the latest techniques resulting from dental development is restorations that do not require tooth preparation. Developments in porcelain technology allow specific technical laboratories to produce ultra-thin veneers of approximately contact lens thickness, which adhere to the teeth directly.

At TCo Dental we can provide such veneers as part of a personalized treatment plan.

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Palatal Veneers

This type of treatment is specifically aimed at cases of extensive decay and dental wear on the back surfaces of the teeth. Usually these erosions have an acidic etiology, bulimia or gastroesophageal reflux syndrome.

Identifying the cause of the problem is vital, diagnosed, treated, and the veneers subsequently manufactured to provide protection to the remaining dental structure. They are usually made of porcelain or even resin.

Frequent questions

I have discolored anterior teeth and would like veneers, what’s the next step?

The next step is always a consultation with your dentist to evaluate your oral health and the causes of discoloration. You are then given the relevant information so as to make a decision about the various options. Sometimes a less invasive procedure such as whitening can be more satisfying. If veneers are the most appropriate solution for improving the smile then with little or no preparation the color and the shape of the teeth change always according to your personal requirements.

I want a Hollywood smile

It is possible to improve the appearance of your smile significantly with the new techniques. The motivational mock up – smile makeover is a complicated first step process always with a consultation with a dentist with appropriate aesthetic experience. At this session oral health and fitness are discussed extensively. Gingivitis or caries is always treated in advance so that the foundations of your new smile can be better predicted now and in the future.

Do veneers peel off?

No, veneers today are fixed with the latest generation of extremely strong adhesives and thus are bond with the tooth very closely.

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