Whitening at home (tray bleaching)

The home whitening system allows you to brighten your smile with our professional guidance and the comforts provided at home.

Bleaching with the tray system can be an ideal solution depending on the degree of discoloration of the teeth.

At the first appointment the dentist will assign if this type of whitening is the most appropriate. After cleaning the teeth, impressions are taken and individualized hard silicone trays are made.

Taking photos to study and compare color performance after treatment is an important step. Bleaching trays fit perfectly with the contour of the teeth and act as a shield for the gums. So during the treatment the whitening substance comes into contact with the enamel of the teeth and stays there for as long as possible to produce a completely whiter smile. Ready-made commercial trays do not apply in the same way, not allowing the same close contact required for similar results.

The next appointment takes about 30 minutes and instructions are given on how to use the tray. At the same time, you have the first whitening session under supervision to solve relevant questions. Custom tays as well as a set of whitening syringes are provided for home use. Finally, the appointment is completed with appropriate advice on the use of trays during the day or night to achieve the best results.

Tray – based bleaching instructions

After the first treatment that has started in the dental clinic under the supervision of the dentist, the treatment continues at home according to the relevant instructions. This means using the tray for several days, about 60-90 minutes each day. Using a small amount of bleach material (2/3 to ½ of the syringe per tray) is enough to alter tooth brightness.

The whitening gel promotes the formation of active oxygen radicals and penetrates through microscopic pores the tooth enamel by removing stains that have been incorporated into the tooth substance through a controlled and safe oxidation process.

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