Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is now considered one of the most popular ways to stimulate your smile. After a counseling session, make an informed decision about a new whiter smile.

Bleaching treatments

Our goal is to provide a full range of dental treatments that meet your needs!

Among the whitening treatments at home (tray bleaching), in the doctor’s office (power bleaching) but also internal whitening of endodontically treated teeth you will find the solution you are looking for. Today, bleaching after extensive scientific study is a safe and proven way to stimulate and improve the aesthetics of teeth, giving brighter shades.

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Whitening at home (tray bleaching)

Teeth whitening is now considered one of the most popular ways to stimulate your smile. After a counseling session, make an informed decision about a new whiter smile.

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In office Whitening – Power Bleaching

Usually the first thing people notice about our face is the smile. Teeth whitening procedures are a great way to improve your smile. White teeth brighten the smile and at the same time boost self-confidence.

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Combined Whitening

This type of treatment combines the two methods, Power Bleaching and Tray Bleaching to ensure maximum and brighter results.
The treatment begins at the dental office using the power bleaching method and continues at home for the next few days with the use of trays.


Internal Whitening

It is a kind of whitening for discolored teeth that have undergone endodontic treatment. Unlike other types of bleaching, inner bleaching is for special cases of discoloration. After the initial assignment we will indicate if this treatment is recommended for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the results permanent?

Usually the bleaching effect lasts for years. This period can be extended when you participate in a regular maintenance and professional cleaning program. During these re-examinations, the color of the teeth and its stability are evaluated and if necessary, a bleaching session with trays is performed in the dental clinic. A re-check program is specifically designed for you by the dentist as part of your overall dental care plan.

Can I have whitening if I have implants or some other restoration?

Only natural dental tissues can be whitened, while artificial teeth do not change color. Dental fillings are usually replaced and any prosthetic work is done 3 months after the end of bleaching treatment.

How long does it last?

the whitening effect is maintained by regular professional cleansing and depends largely on lifestyle. Smoking, brightly colored food (curry) and drinks such as coffee and red wine can reduce the effect in the long run. Professional whitening, however, lasts for many years!

Does whitening have side effects?

Some patients may be sensitive during treatment. In some cases however, nips or tickling occur shortly after the procedure, which soon recede.

Bleaching gel only affects natural teeth but does it damage bridges or dentures?

Bleaching affects the natural teeth and causes no other harmful effects to the teeth.

How long does the treatment last?

The gel is only active for four hours from the moment you open the syringe, so some patients prefer to use the trays in their sleep. The result is exactly the same if you wear the tray for about 90 minutes during the day.

Is the treatment painful?

Sometimes minor sensations may appear in the teeth after the treatment which is short term. The degree of discomfort depends on the individual but intolerance is temporary and can be avoided in an appropriate way. After a few whitening sessions, patients become more receptive to the procedure and sensitivity, if any, is significantly reduced.

How soon will I see results?

This depends on the nature and degree of discoloration of the original stains. We are all different, and as hair and skin vary in color, so do teeth. The color difference is sometimes noticeable immediately after a single session while in others it takes a little longer. A distinct change is usually observed after 1-2 weeks.

How white are my teeth at the end of the treatment?

This varies depending on the individual and the degree of discoloration before treatment.

Is the procedure harmful to my teeth?

No! the effect on the teeth is no different from that of common food or other dental procedures.

Can I undergo a whitening procedure while I am pregnant?

It is not recommended during pregnancy.

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