In complex or simple implant cases, surgical splints increase safety, accuracy and reduce invasiveness. They are constructed utilizing 3D printing, a planning software, digital impressions of the mouth and a CBCT scan of the patient. For the right prosthetic and aesthetic design, the end result of the treatment is a reference point in the surgery especially when the teeth are missing and there are no guide points. Digital design and Computed tomography are combined to ideally place implants non-invasively and for the benefit of the patient.

Safe, fast, accurate and painless dentistry

Guided placement reduces surgical risk and complications. The implants are positioned through the splint in the exact designed position making the surgery simple, atraumatic and most of the times without incisions. So healing is faster, while temporary prosthetic solutions can be prefabricated directly and placed on the same day as the surgical stage (Same Day Teeth).

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